Multi-Sensory Entertainment



Touch, Taste and Smell Workshop at ACE 2013

10th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology 

November 12th-15th. University of Twente, Netherlands 

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Adrian D. Cheok

Inventor. Professor. Working on research covering mixed reality, human-computer interfaces, wearable computers, ubiquitous computing, fuzzy systems,embedded systems, and power electronics.

Jordan Tewell

PhD student at the Keio Media Design program where he serves as an engineer for RingU. Holds a masters degree in entertainment technology and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Gilang Andi Pradana

Master student at the Keio Media Design program. Front-End Developer/Designer. Involved in Global Innovation Design Projects in Pratt Institute, NY and Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London

Koki Tsubouchi

Koki Tsubouchi is the CEO of ChatPerf Inc., a startup of scent technology founded in 2010. Koki and his team invented the first scent smartphone gadget aimed at bringing to scent lifestyle more fun and easily.

This workshop will be a research gathering of academic and industry personnel researching multi-sensory forms of communication and entertainment. Digital transmission of particularly touch, smell and taste will be important as bandwidth increases to extend the internet to all of our senses. Both smell and taste are fundamental and essential senses, and yet neither is given much attention as a form of media, due to the absence of digital controllability over these senses.  

We plan the workshop to spur attention to forms of communication and entertainment that utilize multi-sensory touch, smell, and taste forms of communication that can be useful for entertaining, informing, or inspiring others. 

We would like to propose cutting edge presentations on subjects of combining touch, taste, smell, or food interfaces and interaction within this context. This could be, but not limited to, haptic olfactory and gustatory digital devices, edible computer interfaces, smell and taste video games, new types of food, taste, and smell storytelling, novel smell and taste education methodology, olfactory signage, smell and taste advertising, smell and taste packaging of products, smell and taste cinema.


As smell and taste entertainment media are not very well developed, what is the most important judging factor is the novelty of the idea.

Time Title Presenter
09:30 Opening
09:40 Ring U: Ring-Shaped Wearable Device for Interpersonal Communication Gilang Andi Pradana, Keio University
09:55 Digital Taste Entertainment Jordan Tewell, City University London
10:10 Sensing Social Touch Behavior Merel Jung, University of Twente
10:30 Demo and Discussions
11:15 Finish and Coffee Break

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Submission is closed. Thank You for your participation

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